What is CMCMAC?

The 4th Christian Medical College Vellore Medicine Annual Conference 2019, is to be held at The Paul Brand building in CMC from the 20-22nd of November 2019.

The theme of our Conference this year is "Evidence-based Internal Medicine".

Over the past decades, clinical practice has moved from eminence-based to evidence-based medicine. However, we as physicians have the responsibility of interpreting the evidence, in the light of our clinical judgement and adapting it to the needs and situation of our patients. 

Through this Conference, we hope to update physicians and postgraduates on the advances in various subspecialties and through management discussions illustrate the use of evidence in making clinical decisions.  We hope that both postgraduates and undergraduates will take this opportunity to learn skills in Evidence interpretation that will help them for the rest of their career.

In addition, the conference offers refresher courses in ACLS and Ultrasound of the Chest, interactive management discussions, debates, panel discussions, quizzes, poster presentations and postgraduate clinics by eminent speakers from around the world and senior faculty which will surely be a rich learning experience for one and all.
So join us for a thought provoking academic feast!

What can you expect?

- Sepsis Saga!!!- "All of us know that the mortality of sepsis is very high. But what happens to those who survive? How long do they live? Attend our sessions on severe gram-negative infections to find out!"

- A Change of heart!!!-" Heart failure is managed by many physicians, but what's new in the management of heart failure? When do we refer for a transplant? Who is a good candidate?- Day 1, we discuss the updates in the management of heart failure."

- Its air, its fluid---no it’s a consolidation!!- " Faced with a difficult case of breathlessness? Learn the basic skills of USG chest at the 4th Annual Internal Medicine conference at CMC Vellore!"

- Whats in a P value?- "Does the P value really matter or should we be interpreting evidence differently? To learn more about the interpretation and application of evidence at the CMC MAC 2019."

- Blazing a new trail!- "A physician and a Scientist!! What does it mean? What's fascinating about this different career path? - speak to those who have taken this path before as you meet many world renowned speakers at the CMC MAC 2019."

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